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Important Basics

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  1. Blogging Platform.
  2. User Friendly Design.
  3. Name your Blog.
  4. Choose a good Template.
  5. Generate Traffic

Developing that unique blog writing flair

Writing a Blog requires comittment and dedication. But if you really wants to succed and be on the top writers you should also keep in mind some other factors like:

Time to Work

Education Time

Time to Rest 

There are so many ways in which to draft the content of a blog simply because diverse writing styles can be used to communicate differently to the wide audience that the globe is. For a blog to be successful, the content must be drafted and styled in such a manner that it will capture the imagination of the reading audience. The blog must then be engaging and popular to convince the readers to come back for more day after day. Of course one cannot ignore the importance of SEO and to this effect the title, theme, and character of the blog must be friendly to search engine spiders...

How to Become a Casino Blogger?

Online casinos is a phenomenon that is becoming more popular today. This is because they provide convenience to the players. It makes it possible for them to place their bets ad even win at the comfort of their own homes or work places. This reason is why starting your own casino blog is one of the smartest moves today. Before starting, make sure you find out about the best online casinos available and the latest information.

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Below are some of the tips to help you become a casino blogger.

1) Select your software

This is the first step that requires you to select the casino software that you wish. This is the most important step as it determines the management of your online casino. The software will include the lobby where the players will be able to register, log in, play the games and even see the statistics and make payments.

2) Choose the games

This is the stage where you go to casino websites and select the games you wish to have on your website. Amazing games are available at Check the website and read more about the best online casinos and their games. Before you purchase any game, you will be provided with a demo. The purpose of the demo is to give you a preview of the game so that you evaluate and see if you like to have it. You can start with a few games and continue buying more after you have already established your casino.

3) Go through the terms and make payments

After you have selected the games you want, save them in the cart that is at the top of the screen. Save the packages and then wait for an email to be sent to your inbox and give them a reply. After a few hours, you will receive the terms of the packages. Go through them and give your signature to complete the deal. When you are done with the details, you will receive an invoice with all the payment details. After making the payments through the recommended channels, you will receive your software.

4) Get a webserver

In order to efficiently run your online casino, you may need to have a web domain and server. These can be easily rented from web hosting companies. You should carefully consider the response time of the web hosting company to queries. It should take not more than one hour to respond to your queries.

5) Get a license

Some of the online casinos do not require a license to operate, especially if they are Bitcoin casinos. However, if your casino is run on real money you should get a license in order to operate your online casino.

The last step is to promote your online casino. Proper marketing strategies are the distinguishing factor between the successful and struggling online casinos. It is important that you find things that distinguish you from the large number of casinos in the internet today. You want to make sure people don't see your blog as a fake one, with useless content. Get some inspiration by checking, this site might help you. This way, you are able to perfect this aspect to further help bring you great traffic to your casino. You can also get e-Books to help you get more knowledge on how best to market your online casino.

Top Blogs in 2018

It is fair to say that blogging has come a long way. Gone are the days when it was only a medium for people to share their personal thoughts, experiences, opinions and feelings with a small number of followers. Today, you have both individuals and business institutions using blogs to reach millions of people. One of the reasons why blogs are so popular is the fact that extremely simple and easy to launch. Today, you can find any topic or hobby that you like and become an “expert” in it. Of course, for the audience, a blog is a great source of new information. Either about sharing reviews or giving advice to others, you can now find a blog for every topics. If you want to become a blogger, make it'd be wise to check to learn from professional bloggers.

Although anyone can have a blog, not everyone can be a successful blogger. The most successful blogs have one thing in common- mass appeal. A good blogger should not only create expectations but also fulfill them.

Let’s have a look at the top blogs in 2018:

1. A Cozy Kitchen (

If you are a real foodie who enjoys every bite of his or her food, you will love “A Cozy Kitchen”. In this blog, Adriana Adarme shares her favorite recipes. Some of these recipes are inspired by her South American background (She’s half-Peruvian and half Colombian). Among the main features are cakes, pastries and lots of other breakfast stuff.

2. Migrationology (

This is the ultimate travel blog for a food enthusiast. The blog is owned by Mark Wiens. According to him, food is the best connector of people from all over the world and all walks of life. It’s difficult to disagree with that. The website includes many interesting features including a tool that shows you places Mark has visited, together with the spots where the best food is found.

3. Bodog Casino Blog (

If you are a player looking for any casino-related information, this is the blog for you. The articles in this blog cover everything from industry news to some of the most popular gambling strategies. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, this blog will definitely cater for you. The author of the blog is Cole S. In addition to his blog, you could also check this good article about Yukon Gold Casino - Pruža li uistinu uzbudljiv doživljaj online kockarnice? and find out more about the best games or best online casinos. Or, if you don't find the information you need there, you could check this one : onlinecasinobonusreviews that we enjoy as well.

4. Expert Vagabond (

In this blog, Matthew Karsten shares useful travel tips, entertaining stories, inspiring photography, fun videos and amazing adventures from all his travels across the globe. The blog targets people who want to be motivated and live a life of adventure. Matt also advises people on which travel-oriented gifts they can buy for their loved ones.

5. Addicted 2 Success (

This is a motivational blog that focuses mainly on success advice. The blog has over 130 million views and has been one of the top blogs for the past six years. Joel Brown is the founder of the blog. He seeks to empower and inspire you by teaching about self-development and sharing amazing life changing stories.

6. Tiny Buddha (

With millions of followers across social media, Tiny Buddha continues to make its presence felt as a motivational blog. The author is Lori Deschene. The blog helps people live a peaceful, happy and confident life. Subscribers receive at least one email every weekday. The emails include blog posts. There is also an option to receive a weekly digest which happens every Friday.

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